David Trent

Founder & President

As an aspiring doctor, David founded this charity with his friends to educate those around him about Radon, save lives, and honor his mother’s memory.

Nathan Cottrell

Co-Founder & Director of Fundraising, Engagement, & Outreach

Nathan hopes to pursue architecture after high school. He joined this effort to help educate the public about the significance of radon in his community and hopefully inspire the younger generation to take action on issues that are of importance to them.

Lacey Duffy

Co-Founder & Director of Research

As director of research, Lacey joined RnFree because she strives to educate others about radon. She believes preventative measures are essential to the safety of the community, and saving lives has always been something she aspired to do. Lacey hopes to pursue a career in nursing, and RnFree is an opportunity to showcase Lacey’s skills as a caring and effective communicator where she can reach out to the community. 

Zoe Katres

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Zoe is the director of marketing for RnFree. She dreams of becoming an environmental engineer/researcher due to her compassion for nature. She joined RnFree because of our message, “We want to help prevent deaths related to radon exposure.” She believes it’s important for community outreach, and that’s why she’s proud to be a part of this organization.

Riley Allman

Co-Founder, Creative Director, & Social Media Manager

Riley is hoping to pursue creative writing or digital arts/graphic design after high school. Also, as a small-business creator, she joined this cause to showcase her skills as an artist and use them to spread awareness about Radon to those around her in an attempt to save lives.

Advisory Board

Brett Trent

Digital & Technology Advisor

Brett is a seasoned e-commerce and marketing executive, having launched billion-dollar brands into the online selling space. He joined RnFree.org as an Advisory Board member to help teach students about leveraging digital technology to better themselves, and to help others.