How to Test

Above is a “How-To” video to walk you through the process


To begin, you will want to open your test kit and extract all of the containments, including…

The radon sampler, which you will use later to test any radon presence in your home. As well as the bag that you will use to ship the sampler once you have finished testing and the test kit information form.

You can begin by filling out some of the information required on the information form.

Start by filling out your personal information, including your name, mailing address, and phone number. You can then move on to fill out your email and/or fax number. *it is important to note that neither of the these are required, and if you leave the section blank your results will be sent by mail* You will continue to fill out the remaining details about your testing, including the test kit serial number, which can be found on the back of the radon sampler.

The following section should only be completed if the location of the test is different from the location of your permanent residence. And lastly, this section should be completed if you are doing this test in New Jersey or are purchasing the lab rush service.

To begin the testing process, you will want to remove the radon sampler from its original packaging. *Please note that you cannot remove, tear, or puncture the paper on the sampler. In addition, you must keep the sampler upright during testing with the paper side facing up.

You should then place the sampler in an elevated area of the bottom level of the testing location. Only tests that end within 2-4 days are considered valid. Tests should also be kept from open windows and highly ventilated areas. 

Once your test is completed, you will take your completed information form and put it in the shipping bag. You will need to write the test kit serial number on the shipping bag, which should match the number you wrote in your information form. You can then insert the radon sampler into the bag as well. Finish the test by tightly sealing the bag to ensure no air can enter the bag during shipping.

You can then fill in the return address in the top right corner of the bag. Check the box underneath if you are interested in the rush services.

You can read the back to find any additional directions on how to mail and handle the kit.