Welcome To RnFree

Our Mission

RnFree dedicates itself to raising awareness of radon exposure in the home. Our goal is to save lives. We will do this by providing a way for individuals and families that do not have the financial ability to pay for a radon test, to obtain a free test kit. We are funded 100% through donations; every dollar we collect goes toward radon kits for families and individuals in need.

Get A Radon Test Kit

Testing your home for radon can help keep your household safe. Order your radon testing kit now. Through this form you can request a kit at no cost, if you wish to pay for a kit there is a link at the top of the page.

How Do My Donations Help?

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, 100% of your donations go towards those who do not have the financial ability to pay for their own testing kit. None of the profit is kept by us. Every dollar you donate goes towards keeping families safe from the threat of radon.

Where does RnFree Operate?

As of now, we currently only deliver to the US, however, we do hope to spread our organization worldwide, and to minimize cancer risk from radon as much as possible.